Saturday, July 13, 2013

It has been a while...

When I started this blog last year, I was in the full on midst of a nail polish hobby bordering on obsession ha ha. But life became crazily, insanely busy. Work, stacks of travel for work and other stuff took over and almost all my fun stuff, was badly neglected...

This included my nails! For months I would just do uber quick neutral mani's that could survive a few chips and last longer, which then ended up being just a bit of clear polish, then nothing at all :/ my hands, nails and cuticles had become rather embarrassing to say the least!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, something happened to bring a bit of the polish mojo back into my life... I was in a duty free store and spotted the latest Chanel limited editions. Azure really took my eye as it is pretty much my absolute favourite colour, captured in a bottle! I was mesmerised but just couldn't justify the hefty Chanel price tag. 

At the end of the trip though, I saw it again and swatched it just to see if it would look as good on my nails as the bottle hinted... it was amazing and I had a little local currency left over, so decided to splurge!

I am so glad I did, as that little purchase has totally reignited my love for polish!! 

It's funny, last June/July I was also in the same duty free store and bought my first Chanel - May, a subtle but pretty pink that was the start of my nail polish journey, so it is kinda cool, that another Chanel polish has put me back on that path - if only I could afford to buy more Chanel lol.

I doubt I will be able to post on this blog frequently, as life is still crazy busy, but I do aim to get back into it so I can have a little time to do something just for me :)

Here is a little swatch of this colour that captivated my attention :) (please excuse my cuticles and lack of clean up, I was just so excited to post again, I took this with my iphone as soon as it was light enough this morning ha ha). 

Chanel Azure Nail Polish Swatch
Chanel Azure - Shade
It is a tad brushstrokey, but I don't actually think its that bad, I think with careful application that can be minimised - the amazing colour makes me forgive any brushstrokes anyway. 

The teal-green-blue colour shift is divine and it definitely looks different under different lights too. This is my favourite colour generally, but I don't normally go for colours like this on my nails. This however is an exception and I am in LOVE with it! 

I found the formula of Chanel Azure fairly easy to work with, it absolutely needs two coats, it is shown here with that and a top coat.

So there you go, Chanel Azure, thank you for giving me back my polish passion and hopefully giving me my blogging mojo back too!

Suey x

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Take Two - Skyfall Inspired Ruffian Mani for Day 27 Movie Theme

Well I certainly am behind with my Take Two Challenges - this time of year is outside time. Usually my nails call me when I get home from work, but lately it has been the beach calling. As I am sure you can imagine, I am making the most of it before work gets into full swing for the year and the kids go back to school etc! Yesterday at work, our thermometer hit 48 degrees (118F), which is crazy, luckily it cooled down last night with a storm, but I was VERY glad to go for a swim to get some relief after work yesterday!

So for my Movie Theme nails, I was a bit torn about what to do... The movie I loved the most this year, surprised me, it was James Bond, Skyfall. I was dragged along by my 10 year old son, who is James Bond mad and begged me to take him for weeks, but I actually really really enjoyed it, so I wanted to do something cool related to the movie. I have been lusting after the OPI Skyfall collection for a while now - kicking myself for not buying it for $6 a bottle in NY when I first saw it in October (had no time and went back the next day and the shop was closed on Sunday - sad!), especially when the cheapest I could find it in Australia was $16.95 at Priceline. Even at $16.95 it is still sooooo expensive, especially to buy all the ones I wanted, so I decided just to get my favourite and I will either buy the rest when I am back in the states in April, or I will just get them online if I can't wait.

The one I loved the most was Casino Royal - the rich, deep purple is so pretty! I originally was going to get Goldfinger as well to do this mani, but just couldn't justify $34 for two OPI's, so decided to do my movie nails with Zoya Trixie as the highlight colour, because silver looks great with Purple - Goldeneye would have also looked awesome...
Silver and Dark Purple Ruffian Manicure - Take Two Nail Art Challenge

I wanted something elegant and bond-esque, so I tried my first ruffian mani. Even managed to do it freehand and it came out pretty well, so I was really happy with that :) Now that I have done it, whilst I do love the look of it, I think it is more suited to long nails and mine are quite short at the moment, so will save doing it again for when they are longer.

Zoya and OPI Ruffian Manicure Silver and Purple

So there you go - ruffian manicure with Casino Royal from the OPI Skyfall collection and Zoya Trixie - my movie inspired manicure. It is really hard to capture the gorgeous colour of the purple, it is like an eggplant kind of colour, maybe a bit redder and just beautiful.

Silver Base with Purple Ruffian Manicure - Nail Art Challenge

I am too late to link in, but you can still see all the other movie inspired Take Two manicures at the blogs below :)

Suey x

Friday, January 11, 2013

Take Two - Day 26 - Water Marbled

OK, so my challenge here was a tricky one and a challenge I suspect you have to be in the right mood for ;)

I didn't have heaps of time so rushed this a bit and you can tell! This is only my second go at water marbling though, so I shouldn't beat myself up too much I guess. I think this is definitely a technique which requires lots of practice to get right! A lot of it I think is working out the best polishes to work with.

I went for China Glaze, as I thought it would be a good idea to use all the same brand. I probably got a little over excited with how many shades I used, but I wanted a really multicoloured almost rainbow type look - next time I think I will stick with two colours, til I get the basics right :)

I used:
Surreal Appeal (Flip Flop Fantasy on my pointer finger, but it didn't play nicely with the water)
For Audrey
Secret Peri-wink-le
Creative Fantasy

I did each nail separately, which is why they all look so different, I've seen some tutorials where you can just do them all together, or two nails together, but I tried that and it looked a bit crap, because the nail close to the edge got all the dodgy bit of the pattern.

Not much more to say - looks kind of prettier in the photos than I remember, but is still really dodgy, so LOTS more water marble practice needed for me I think! :)

Oh and I tried using cuticle oil around my nails instead of taping them, as I read on a blog somewhere (can't remember where sorry!) that it helps clean up and yes, I reckon it does. It probably takes a little longer than when they are taped off, but you don't have to put the tape on and take it off again, so I think I will do that if/when I try water marbling again :)

I'm too late to link in, but you can see the other Take Two Water Marble bloggers below :)


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And the Fantasy Fire winners are...

Sorry for taking so long to announce the winners of the Fantasy Fire giveaway! I got slammed with work as soon as I got back from my little New Year camping trip and have only just had a chance to get caught up with my blog now! You should see the state of my sadly neglected nails - they need lots of love :) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year - I hope your 2013 will be filled with awesomeness!

OK so the winners of the giveaway are Vedrana and Kristen - they both have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize - congratulations girls! :) I love doing little giveaways and things like that, so I hope to do another one soon! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I need to get caught up on the last few days of the Take Two Nail Art Challenge - I think I got to day 27, so just a few more left to do. I have some pics of my embarrassing attempt at water marbling, so I may post those or try again... But today is is 43 degrees, so not feeling in the right mood for water marble - it is too fiddly and time consuming to do in the heat, so my dodgy attempt may be it haha.

Anyway, thank you again to everyone who has supported my blog so far and to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Suey xox

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fantasy Fire Giveaway!

Hey hey, I am a little behind on the Take Two challenges, hopefully I can catch up again over the next day or so before I go camping for New Year as I doubt I will get an opportunity to do my nails whilst at a camping music festival!

Just in case I don't get caught up and this is my last post for the year, don't forget my awesome giveaway happening right now and open until midnight New Year's Eve. It is open internationally :)

I am giving away two prizes:

First Prize:

  • The very hard to get Max Factor Fantasy Fire - isn't it so pretty!
  • My total favourite quick dry top coat - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
  • Ulta3 Twilight Fever - a great Australian brand, this particular polish being a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal

Second Prize:

  • Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  • Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Just enter below :)
The giveaway is a little thanks to everyone for supporting my blog since it started in November, I'm so enjoying doing it and have already improved my nail art so much. All the wonderful comments and supporters make it so fantastic too, so please enter and good luck!

Warmest wishes for a wonderful New Year, may 2013 be the most amazing year of your life!

Suey xox

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Take Two - Day 25 - Christmas Theme

Yay, Christmas! :) Do you get excited by Christmas? I sure do, I love to see the look on my kids faces when they open their presents and see how much joy they get out of giving too :) It is a beautiful time :) We've had a very relaxed Boxing Day as well - we went to the beach (although it was freezing cold) and just chilled out. Hope you've had a lovely few days too.

I must admit, I didn't actually do a specific Christmas day manicure, I just chose to keep it really simple, and on Christmas Eve put on my favourite red polish - essie Fishnet Stockings. This beautiful shade is so delightful, I have tried a few other reds this month, but this one is still the best! One careful coat gives completely flawless nails and having beautiful deep red nails was pretty perfect for Christmas for me :)

I did think that would be a touch boring to post for the Christmas themed Take Two Challenge however, so I spiced it up a bit this morning, with a classy French tip.

easy xmas nail art - red with gold french tips essie and opi polishes

Now this is a style of manicure I really dig, I love the look of coloured french tips. I don't really get into sheers, so have never really liked or worn the traditional french manicure, but I adore this! I might even try something similar for New Year's eve, as it is a fabulous way to extend a mani that has a little tipwear and I will be camping for four days, so I don't think lugging nail supplies with me will be a great plan :) One bottle of polish would be easy though!

simple Christmas manicure - red base with gold french tips, classy nail art

Anyway, this is my simple and classy Christmas Theme nail art - essie Fishnet Stockings, with OPI Just Spotted The Lizard french tips :) I used the stickers to get a good line, although next time I try this, I will probably freehand it to see how good I can get it. I loved this mani, didn't want to take it off lol!

Red and gold Christmas manicure - easy nail art, with gold french tipped nails

Check out the Take Two blogs below to see other pretty Christmas nail art - Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Suey xox

Take Two - Day 24 - Birthday Theme

Merry Christmas everyone! I got caught up in all the fun and frivolity of Christmas with my family the last few days, so running a bit late with the posts now, sorry about that! :)

Day 24 is birthday theme and what better to have for a birthday than a cupcake and balloons! :)

I started with a base of Essie Lapiz of Luxury - OMG what an awesome polish, I am totally in love with this one. Looks really sheer on the first coat, but comes good on the second and is just so smooth and wonderful to apply, I love it!

Over that, I did some balloons with OPI Fly, Ulta3 Purple Pumps, Ulta3 Honolulu, China Glaze Surreal Appeal and Ulta3 Purple Pumps again.

Balloon and cupcake nail art for birthday theme nails

For the cupcake the base is China Glaze Surreal Appeal, with stripes of Zoya Trixie - my go to silver for nail art. The icing is OPI Alpine Snow with all of the other balloon colours dotted on and a Ulta3 Pepper Pot cherry on the top.

Birthday Nail Art - Cupcake and Balloons cute and fun manicure
This is a very cute and fun mani - the balloons are a little weird though, I only have a striping brush, not actual nail art brushes, so it is a little tricky to do a good job with things like that... not too bad for a first go though :)

Don't forget - I am doing a little giveaway at the moment and you could win a bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire! It is open internationally until New Year's Eve :)

You can see some other birthday themed nail art at the take two blogs below, please check them all out :)

Suey xox

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take Two - Day 23 - Inspired By Fashion

Blue and Silver Glitter Gradient Nail Art
Full Sun
Oh man, I had SO much fun browsing through pinterest looking at fashion pics to get inspiration for today's mani! I actually wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger, up until the point where I discovered that I couldn't just draw pics of stuff, I had to actually create the patterns, however I have a complete lack of spatial awareness, so that stopped me in my tracks!  Anyway, it was fun remembering how much I used to love thinking up amazing creations and drawing pictures of beautiful dresses :)

The dress I chose to do for inspired by fashion, could, maybe just be because of my current love of glitter gradient nails lol! I saw this dress on pinterest and was like wow! Then I was like wow, how cool would that look as nails!

Reverse Glitter Gradient Manicure with Blue (Navy) and Silver polishes

So for this beautiful glittery manicure, I used a base of just one coat of Cult Nails Time Traveller. This is the first time I have used it and this polish is an absolute MUST use on it's own, amazing pigmented colour and it was beautiful and opaque with one careful coat! I do so adore awesome one coat polishes :)

Over that I used lots of China Glaze Liquid Crystal, a silver/blue glitter from their prismatic collection.

Glitter Gradient Nail Art - Blue and Silver with Cult Nails and China Glaze polishes
In Full Sun
Blue and Silver Glitter Gradient Manicure for Take Two Nail Art Challenge Day 23
In Shade

I am so thrilled with how awesome it has turned out! How cool would this be for a NYE mani as well :) I shall be camping for New Year's so no doubt will be doing something a little more understated, but I can always make my nails celebrate New Year's Eve on a different day :)

Blue / Silver Reverse Glitter Gradient Manicure perfect for New Year's Eve

Fashion inspired nails are always lots of fun, so please make sure you check out the other Take Two Nail Art Challenge blogs below :)

Suey xox

PS: Make sure you check out my awesome giveaway too! Two lucky people will be scoring a bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire! :)
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